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Former Chief Judge David Reader Announces His Candidacy for LivingstonCounty Prosecutor.

(Howell, April 16) Just over a year after resigning as a Judge of the Livingston 44th Circuit Court, former Chief Judge David Reader filed today to run for Livingston County Prosecutor, ending months of speculation about his future plans.

“A year ago, I walked away from what I thought would be the pinnacle of my legal career,” Reader said in a statement today, “Because it was the only way to address a problem I felt duty bound to do something about.”

In Michigan, state law requires that a sitting judge resign at least one year before running for partisan office.

“The Livingston County Prosecutor’s Office has lost its way,” Reader continued. “From turning a blind eye to the powerful and connected, to continuing senseless prosecutions despite exculpatory evidence because of a win-at-all-costs attitude, justice has become lost to the current Prosecutor.”

“As Chief Judge, I was a strong advocate for specialty courts that would address the challenges of people in the system with specific challenges or problems that the criminal justice system and jail time did a poor job of addressing. From Veteran’s Court that takes into account PTSD and other chronic problems, to Drug and Sobriety Courts that give people a second chance through rehabilitation combined with a tough probationary program, to Mental Health court that seeks to find ways other than prison to address mental health issues in our courts.”

“It was a continuing frustration to me that the Livingston County Prosecutor was not supportive of those programs. His only interest was convictions and incarceration. That is not justice for all. The Prosecutor should know the difference between weakness and evil—and who society needs protection from, and who just needs to be protected from themselves.”

Before being elected as Circuit Court Judge for 14 years, David Reader was a 4 term Republican County Commissioner and served on the Planning Commission for 8 years prior to that.

David Reader is a lifelong resident of LivingstonCounty and a Graduate of Howell High School. He is a 1974 Graduate of Michigan State University, and a 1977 Graduate of Wayne State Law School.
He is married to Sally Reader and has two children and four grandchildren. David and Sally were the owners of American Title Company, a prominent LivingstonCounty business.

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