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Meet Reader

Starting his career as an intern for the Livingston County Prosecutor’s Office, it seems appropriate that David Reader, former Chief Judge, has come full circle with the announcement of his candidacy as Livingston County Prosecutor (Howell, April 16). He resigned last year as a Judge of the County’s 44th Circuit Court, after seeing that the Livingston County Prosecutor’s Office had “lost its way.”

Reader has made Livingston County his priority, serving the public as a judge and other service organizations designed to better our community.

David Reader: The Integrity and Experience Livingston County Needs Now!

Former Chief Circuit Court Judge


Business Owner

County Commissioner

Most Experienced – David Reader

After serving 14 years as a Circuit Court Judge, with eight of those years as chief judge, Reader felt a calling from the bench to right a wrong he saw happening in the Livingston County Prosecutor’s Office. As a former judge, he understands the changes necessary.